Areas of Practice

Estate Planning

Preparing wills, living trusts, insurance trusts, family trusts, financial powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, living wills and marital agreements. Working with clients to execute a plan tailored to meet their individual needs and drafting documents to provide their family with clear instructions to help avoid disputes.

Estate Administration

Probating wills, administering decedents’ estates, and assisting administrators to complete the estate administration process which might include preparing and filing Court Accountings, preparing and filing Federal Estate Tax returns, state Inheritance Tax returns, and fiduciary income tax returns. Ensuring that the estate administration process is completed correctly and expeditiously.

Trust & Guardianship Administration

Representing individuals and financial institutions serving as trustees, guardians and administrators. Assisting in the interpretation of trust documents or applicable statutes, and providing guidance to the fiduciary. Helping to determine when Court involvement may be required and completing the process of petitioning the Court when it is needed.

Special Needs or Supplemental Needs Trusts

Establishing and administering Special Needs Trusts for disabled persons, allowing them to maintain eligibility for government benefits such as Medical Assistance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). When required, obtaining Court approval to establish the Trust or to use Trust funds for purchases for the disabled individual, including a home, transportation and other supplemental needs.

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Guardianships for Minors

Establishing guardianships for minor children through the Orphans’ Court process. Working with families whose minor child is entitled to receive funds (often as a result of a personal injury claim) to establish a guardianship, with a quality professional Guardian of the Estate. Working with the family and when required, the Court, to utilize the funds for the minor’s needs, such as a home, transportation and other needs.

Guardianships for Incapacitated Adults

Establishing guardianships for incapacitated adults through the Orphans’ Court process. Having family members appointed as Guardians of the Person allowing them to access medical records, communicate with providers and make decisions for the incapacitated person. Having Guardians of the Estate appointed to assist in financial matters.

Litigation Settlements

Working with litigation attorneys to determine the best method of handling the proceeds of lawsuits (particularly for minor or disabled clients), including establishing guardianships, minors’ trusts, Special Needs Trusts and Medicare Set Aside Trusts. When required, obtaining Court approval of the appropriate type of fund to hold the proceeds and enlisting the services of experienced fiduciaries to serve as guardian or trustee.

Elder Law & Medicaid Planning

Assisting clients and their families to explain options that may be available to ease the burden of paying for nursing home care and other medical care. Working with aging couples to ensure that when one spouse is ill, he or she gets the appropriate care, while the healthy spouse is able to maintain the family home and preserve the couple’s financial security.

Ophans’ Court Litigation

Representing fiduciaries (executors, administrators, guardians and trustees) and beneficiaries in disputes involving wills, trusts, guardianships and related matters. Working to resolve problems out of Court, when possible, or pursuing your interests in Court when necessary.


Completing the legal adopt process for step-parents or other adoptive parents. When applicable, implementing a name change as part of the process